Wimbledon Common West Residents Association

AGM Minutes 2016

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of WCWRA held at Hotel du Vin Cannizaro House.

The Committee was re-elected for another year proposed by Robin Mulcahy & Struan Robertson.


Apologies for absence from Bryan Barkes, Hugh Rance (minutes being taken by Andrew Durant) of the committee, and  Beccy Gunn, Hotel du Vin General Manager and guest speaker. 

The Committee was re-elected for another year proposed by John Rink and seconded by Helen Hall.

The Chairman’s report

Hotel Du Vin Licensing
The Chairman updated the room on the satisfactory conclusion to the licensing hours and noise management . This has involved the hotel in having to install  a sound limiter in the Krug room, the management and staff being more responsive to the situation and a more restricted license.

Camper Vans on The Causeway
There has been an on-going problem with camper vans on the Causeway. While there is a temporary solution which involves issuing legal action against each occurrence it is expensive and time consumer. The only real solution is the introduction of a parking scheme.  This will form part of the intended The Quadrant  CPZ.

The Chairman informed the room of the satisfactory implementation of the CPZ in the Chester Rd area.  Work is continuing on the plans for a CPZ in the Quadrant.  The Council should be distributing proposed plans on June 13.  The Chairman encouraged all those who live in the area to co-operate and participate in the process.

Prudential Bike Ride
The Chairman warned that the Prudential Bike Ride would be happening on July 30th/31th. In the past it has caused many local issues of access and exit.  Everyone was encouraged to complain should problems occur.

Local Businesses
The Chairman explained the importance of having a thriving business and retail community in the area.  He is part of a group of interested parties led by Councillor Najeeb Latif who are looking at ways to encourage more visitors  and events to the area. The Chairman went on to warn of potential  problems  around  the development  connected withCrossrail 2 in the town.

The Chairman thanked Emma Hosking for her good work on updating the website.  He invited everyone to supply photos and news to ensure the site remains relevant and interesting. 

The chairman thanked the committee, Susan and the staff of Robert Holmes and Beccy Gunn and the staff of Hotel Du Vin for hosting meetings throughout the year.


Treasurer’s Report
Caroline Hilton informed the room that WWCRA  has  £400 income from active members. Total expenditure for the year was £310 (of which £190 is the AGM). Our surplus funds are currently £5,698.

Guest speaker
Simon Lee – CEO of Wimbledon and Putney Commons
Simon gave us another fascinating insight to his role as CEO, two years on into his appointment.  He gave the room an update on the on-going repairs and refurbishment of The Windmill  which will be celebrating its 200th anniversary in 2017.  The project has received a grant from the Lottery Fund of £100k and a further £40k is being raised from donations.  The new sails should be installed during August/September.
Simon also explained that WPCC had had a difficult time during the year involving a case against them for underselling a parcel of land on the lower part of Putney Heath. This has yet to be resolved and has meant the intervention of the Charities Commission.
He went on to talk about the need for more engagement with the Levy payers in the area.  An annual report and newsletter is supposed to be distributed to all households in the area.  Some members of the audience where less certain that they had received them during the year. Simon is going to investigate the reasons behind this inconsistency.  There is a continuing programme of including more stakeholder groups in the future planning and management of the Common. He also explained there was the intention to develop  a long  term strategy covering all areas of the Commons.
Simon continued to illustrate the challenges involved in managing WPCC with a budget of £1.5m and 20 staff.  There was a general feeling in the room that he and his team where doing a good job and were appreciative of the issues.   
Simon concluded by telling us that the Oak Processionary Moth is a big issue and a tree replacement plan is being looked into.


Andrew Durant, Hamish Badenoch  and Clive Hilton gave the room an update on the proposed CPZ for the Quadrant.  There is likely to be a 5 day a week restriction on The Causeway.  There will be a public meeting probably w/c June 20th to discuss the proposed plans.  There will then be a formal consultation involving wider interested parties. This will then be followed Cabinet approval and finally implementation possibly before the end of the year.