Wimbledon Common West Residents Association

AGM Minutes 2017

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of WCWRA held at Hotel du Vin Cannizaro House.

WIMBLEDON COMMON WEST RESIDENTS’ ASSCIATION Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of WCWRA, held at Hotel du Vin Cannizaro House on 6th June 2017.

The Committee was re-elected for another year, this was proposed by Kate Greenhalgh and seconded Anna Latchford .

The Chairman’s report Quadrant CPZ The Chairman informed the room of the satisfactory implementation of the CPZ in the Quadrant. All local businesses were in agreement with the plans for the CPZ and after some reticence from Merton to implement the Quadrant CPZ before the tennis, it was in fact installed prior to the championships. The chairman was asked for further clarification of the need for the CPZ. The Chairman pointed out that the CPZ was voted for by the residents and would not have happened if there was not a simple majority of support. Prudential Bike Ride The Chairman warned that the Prudential Bike Ride would be happening on July 30th/31th. In the past it has caused many local issues of access and exit. Everyone was encouraged to complain should problems occur. The organisers assured that access would be available. WCWRA Website The WCWRA website is operated by Emma Hosking and updated by Colin Price The chairman thanked them for their efforts. It was put to the room that the website is only as good as its content and needed to be updated regularly. Suitable contributions would be gratefully received. News letter The Chairman updated the room on the newsletter which is distributed to the RA, it is proving to be a good and popular way of keeping the residents informed about local events, activities and issues within our community. Thanks The chairman thanked the committee, Susan and the staff of Robert Holmes and Beccy Gunn and the staff of Hotel Du Vin for hosting meetings throughout the year.

Treasurer’s Report Caroline Hilton informed the room that WCWRA has £440 of income from active members up from £402 in 2015.. Total expenditure for the year was £290 down from £310 in 2015 (of which £190 is the AGM). Our surplus funds are currently £5,698. Guest speakers

Helen Parker – Wimbledon Foundation and Community Manager for the All England Club Helen gave us an over view of the foundation that started in 2013, when the board of the AELTC were of the opinion they would like to give more back to the community. Over 200 children have tennis coaching from the age of 3 upwards. In 2016 over £700,000 was awarded in the form of grants and donations to organisations within the boroughs of Merton and Wandsworth. Simon Lee – CEO of Wimbledon and Putney Commons Simon gave us another fascinating insight to his role as CEO, now three years into the job. Simon focused on the fact that the commons were a charity and did not do enough to promote themselves and it is incredible what has been achieved with a staff of 20 and the many volunteers. The stake holder engagement group which was set up two years ago has fifteen to twenty people sitting, to get the views of different constituencies and to understand the impact that is had on the commons by the various different users – whether this be walkers, cyclists, horse riders etc. He also explained there was the intention to develop a long term strategy covering all areas of the Commons. Simon also explained that WPCC had had a difficult time during the year involving a case against them for underselling a parcel of land on the lower part of Putney Heath. This has yet to be resolved and has meant the intervention of the Charities Commission. In the Q&A at the end of Simon’s talk a keen golfer and junior member at RWGC made Simon aware of the conflict between the golfers on the common and those that are out walking and the very real risk on some of the holes of being hit by a ball, due to poor line of sight. He suggested that the WPC could work closer with the golf clubs to resolve this. Simon referred back to the existence of the Stakeholder group which is trying to manage some of these conflicts.